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Molu Brothers

I. Kayhan and A. Orhan Molu borthers founded Molu at the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul.


Adress Change at the Grand Bazaar

As the business kept growing Molu moved to a larger place also in Grand Bazaar.

Molu Mücevher Kapalıçarşı - 1966


Grace Kelly Chooses Molu

Grace Kelly visited Molu and chose Molu pieces to add to her magnificent collection of jewelry.

Molu Mücevher Grace Kelly - 1978


Muhafazacilar Street

Molu’s boutique at Muhafazacilar Street in Grand Bazaar, Istanbul was renovated. Mehmet Sermet Molu is seen in the photo on the opening day.

Molu Mücevher Kapalıçarşı Muhafazacılar - 1982


Molu Boutique at Rumeli Avenue

Molu opened its first boutique outside of Grand Bazaar.

Molu Mücevher Rumeli Caddesi Butiği - 1986

Molu published the booklets “Recommendations on Jewelry” and “What you should know about Diamonds?” that were pioneer on developing a systematic and scientific approach to jewelry in Turkey.


Molu Marketing Campaigns

Molu was one of the pioneers in Jewelry Marketing in Turkey.

Molu Mücevher İlk Reklamlar - 1987


International Diamond Certificates

Molu was the first jewelry brand in Turkey to start selling internationally certified diamonds.

Molu Mücevher İlk Sertifikalı Pırlanta - 1988


Japon Kirin Culture Club

The prestigious Kirin Culture Club included Molu pieces in its 1987 catalogue.

Molu Mücevher Japon Kirin Culture Club - 1990


Professional Design Team

Molu established the first fully professional jewelry team of Turkey.

Molu Mücevher Profesyonel Tasarım Ekibi - 1991


Expertise at Gems

A. Ilhan Molu’s articles on gems and jewelry started being published.

Molu Mücevher Değerli Taş Konusunda Uzmanlık - 1993


First Collections with Themes

Molu started working on collections with story lines and themes.

Molu Mücevher Temalı Koleksiyon Çalışmaları - 1995

1996 - 2001

New Collections are Created

Molu created important collections to draw attention to social issues:

The Time of the Red Buds: Red Bud trees are synonyms with Bosphorus. Thousands of Red Buds blossom each year turning the slopes of Bosphorus a magnificent hue of purple. The Red Buds have been declining in number over the past decad. Molu created the Time of The Redbuds collection to raise awareness.

Pearl Enchanted Women: Another major collection was designed to attract attention to the pollution of the seas and oceans. Pearls were used in this collection as they are organic and cannot be grown or cultured in polluted waters.

Molu Mücevher Yeni Koleksiyon Çalışmaları Devam Ediyor - 1996-2001
Molu Mücevher Yeni Koleksiyon Çalışmaları Devam Ediyor - 1996-2001


Molu Moves to New, Larger Location

After 20 years at Rumeli Avenue, Molu moved to Abdi Ipekci Avenu, the new choice of luxury brands in Istanbul.

Molu also renewed its logo and corporated identity this year.

Molu Mücevher Abdi İpekçi Butiği - 2002


Molu at Istinye Park

Molu Istinye Park Mall boutique was opened.

Molu Mücevher İstinye Park Butiği - 2007


The Molu Diamond iOS App was published

Molu’s iOS app on 4C’s was published on App Store.

Molu Mücevher iPhone Application - 2011


Molu Corporate Identity is Renewed

Molu’s corporate identity was renewed with a global vision.

Molu started being sold at the US luxury department store chain Neiman Marcus.

Molu Mücevher Yeni Kurumsal Kimlik - 2012


Molu Zorlu Center Boutique

Molu Zorlu Center Mall boutique was opened.

Molu Mücevher Zorlu Center Butiği - 2007


Molu Akasya Boutique

Molu Akasya Mall boutique was opened.

Molu Mücevher Akasy Butiği - 2014


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