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Molu was founded as an humble family business in 1956 is today one the most prominent and respected High Jewelry Houses of Turkey and the Region.

Molu has presented a lot of “firsts” to the Turkish High Jewelry Scene. In 1980’s Molu published booklets titled “What You Should Know About Diamonds” and “Jewelry Care Recommendations” that introduced a modern and scientific approach to Jewelry for the first time in Turkey.

>What sets apart Molu as a High Jewelry house is our never-ending passion to create extra-ordinary designs with the highest quality gemstones employing flawless handcraftsmanship. Experienced Molu artisans under the careful supervision of Molu Jewelry family members meticulously handcraft each and every Molu Jewel.

Perfectionism is a core value at Molu and it means much more than exacting standarts of production. From sourcing of gemstones to design philosophy, from in-boutique treatment to jewelry presentation and to after sales services every detail of in the world of Molu is carefully arranged to augment your experience of the High Jewels.



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