Since 1956, we have been designing the most exquisite jewels of the world in our hearts and creating them with love…

Molu Mücevher El Üretimi

The Design Process

The story of each and every Molu jewel starts in our hearts and takes shape on the drawing paper. At the end of a long design journey, from among tens of designs the best jewelry masters of the world manufacture only one of them.

Skillful Hands

Our Designs are manufactured by the best jewelry craftsman of the world under the careful supervision of Molu Jewelry design and manufacturing team.

A World of Light

Precious gems curated from the most important mines across the globe turn into dazzling jewelry pieces at the Molu Ateliers.

Antiques of the Future

For over half a century we have been creating jewelery to be kept as family heritage. A significant part of Molu designs are part of important personal and museum fine jewelry collections. Creating jewelry pieces that will maintain their beauty for generations to come is our passion.

Extra-Ordinary Objects

We have unrivalled expertise in one-of-a-kind bejeweled object creation for over 50 years. We have been custom designing bejeweled one-of-a-kind figurines, table clocks, letter opener, coffee cups and more for business and statesmen alike.


Perfectionism is our most important core value. We work relentlessly to achieve perfection in every aspect of our business from precious gem selection to design work, from jewelry presentations to in-boutique treatments.

Life-Long Friendships

We forge strong friendships with our customers. Our biggest supporters are our friends who have been choosing us over generations. We are always proud to share happy moments with our friends and love adorn their lives with our jewelry pieces.

Hand Crafting

All Molu pieces are solely hand crafted under the careful supervision of Molu team members by experiences Molu craftsmen.

Choosing the Right Stones

We source all of our diamonds from the International Diamond Bourse in Antwerp. Our experts choose all diamonds and gems used in Molu design meticulously. We only deem the best of the best diamonds and gemstones worthy of Molu creations.


We have been creating the best jewels of the world over half a century. We keep reinventing ourselves by combining our experience in high jewelry creation with innovations. As we have been at our customers’ service 50 years ago we will continue to work with the same enthusiasm 50 years from now on.

Design Philosophy

What makes Molu pieces unique is our elegant and timeless design philosophy. We draw from our heritage, re-define traditions and design for the Modern Woman.

Our Boutiques

At our boutiques you will go through an extra-ordinary shopping experience. We invite you to our boutiques to guide you through the amazing world of Molu creations.

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Molu has presented a lot of innovations to the Turkish jewelry scene. Now we are proud to publish the most comprehensive iPhone application on diamonds in Turkey. Molu Guide to Diamonds app has everything you need to know about diamonds. In our app you can see how a solitaire ring looks on the finger, compare diamonds of different colors and have access to detailed information about the 4C’s. You can also determine your ring size easily using our app.

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